Event catering

Life does not stop at casino eggs, ham sandwiches and rolls. Our catering concept already at first glance, results in a smile on the faces of our guests. When putting together our menu bar and optional packages we took care about that meals should be filling and everyone –independent from age- could find some food liked. Our modular installation can be set up anywhere, endless pattern is possible and  the result is a living, attractive and tasty Mártogatós catering!

Catering and home delivery

We have created several catering and delivery packages to choose from, because we are aware that there are different needs for a midnight course at a wedding, for the lunch break of a business conference or for a family picnic. And yes, our service does include the straight-lined wooden installation which can serve as a scenic counter at the events.  We offer several branding surfaces, so the appearance can be absolutely tailored to the event identity.

and diverse

Every cream and sauce is gluten-, sugar- and preservative-free. Lactose-free and vegan dishes are also on our permanent offer. Mártogatós offers several pastries as well, but in our concept they do not mean the most essential part of a meal, so the focus is unnoticeably shifted to the healthier ingredients. Therefore, those who would not normally order a salad in a restaurant, will also eat vegetables with more pleasure.

and eco-friendly

We are trying our best to purchase most of our ingredients locally. We do not use palm oil or food boxes made out of polystyrene foam. The wrapping materials used at the deliveries are either biodegradable, compostable, or they are made of recycled paper and cardboard. The green waste generated in our kitchen goes to our own composter.


Drop-off catering

We developed Business Break packages specially for corporate events, where there is no need for staff or full off-site catering, only the food preapared in a spectacular way. Shake up your office with freshness!


We developed DIP BOX for some smaller family or friendly gatherings/events. Try it, if you have no time or mood to prepare meals. We tried to develop several packages to make sure you find your best choice for food.